Zahraa's Hackathon experience

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01 Aug 2019

Zahraa's Hackathon experience

Zahraa Khadri from Atkins provided us with a very positive summary of her experience of the IAM NxtGen Hackathon at our recent IAM 2019 Annual Conference in Liverpool, UK. Thank you, Zahraa!

"A couple of weeks ago today, I had the opportunity to attend The Institute of Asset Management inaugural Hackathon in Liverpool, met and worked with industry leaders for the whole day, left feeling inspired and I learnt so much from working with individuals I had never met before from different parts of the asset management industry: Stuart Pickett, Ross Scott and Kevin Cole.

Together we worked as a team answering the question "How can digital technology be used to manage a system of autonomous electric vehicles sustainably?" We came up with some great ideas and thought outside the box - outside the shiny box of technology, and considered the effect of autonomous vehicles on people and users.

It was my first hackathon and I can definitely say it's worth going to no matter how experienced you are, there's always so much to learn from people of all backgrounds and experiences.

Thank you to Richard Rayson MIAM, Sofia Hauck, Tim Ingram and others for organising it and I look forward to seeing more NxtGen events with the IAM."

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