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Mentoring can be described as “the activity of supporting and advising someone with less experience to help them develop in their work.” In the context of the IAM, it is a relationship in which a more experienced asset management professional supports the development and learning of a less experienced asset manager.

Anyone can find it beneficial to have a mentor, irrespective of the stage in their career. People commonly look for mentors when:

  • They are just starting their career.
  • They move to a new role.
  • They want to progress to the next stage of their career
  • They are developing their career path
  • They change sectors.
  • Returning to work after a long period of absence, e.g., parental leave, sabbatical leave, long-term sickness absence.

Successful mentoring relationships are based on trust and offer learning opportunities to both the mentor and the mentee.


Key aspects of mentoring include:

  • Knowledge Transfer: Mentors share their knowledge and expertise with mentees.
  • Feedback and Guidance: Mentors provide feedback, guidance, and constructive criticism to help mentees improve their skills and decision-making.
  • Support and Encouragement: Mentors offer emotional support and encouragement, especially during challenging times.
  • Networking: Mentors often introduce mentees to their professional networks, which can help the mentees make valuable connections.
  • Role Modeling: Mentors serve as role models for their mentees, demonstrating effective behaviours and attitudes.

Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal, short-term or long-term, depending on the goals and needs of the individuals involved. The benefits of mentoring are numerous, including accelerated learning, personal growth, improved confidence, and better decision-making. It can be a powerful way for individuals to navigate their careers and achieve their goals.



The decision to offer a mentoring program lies with each individual IAM chapter.

Currently, the IAM USA Chapter and the IAM Canada Chapter have a collaboration arrangement with the Women in Asset Management North America, who offer a six-month, cohort-based asset management mentorship program open to anyone in North America.

In addition, the IAM has developed a Mentoring Toolkit to be utilized by chapters. The toolkit aims to support IAM chapters that wish to develop a mentoring program for members within their chapter. It is designed as a guide to promote discussions and to offer options for creating a mentoring program.



Many of our members will be involved in mentoring relationships through their work or professional networks. To support these individuals, we have collated a selection of useful resources.


The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring Factsheet – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Mentoring vs Coaching: The Key Differences and Benefits – PushFar

The Important Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching – Forbes Human Resources Council


TED Talks on Mentoring

Modern Mentoring: The Good, The Bad and The Better – Karen Russell

Mentorship will change the world – Kam Phillips

How to be a Great Mentor – Kenneth Ortiz

3 Key Elements to Thriving Mentorship – Janet Phan



The Mentoring Community

European Mentoring and Coaching Council: Global professional body for mentoring, coaching, and supervision.

Clutterbuck Coaching and Mentoring International: International network for coaching and mentoring.


Hints and Tips for Mentors and Mentees

Important Skills for a Mentoring Relationship – Art of Mentoring

How to be a Great Mentor – Forbes

The GROW Model of Coaching and Mentoring – MindTools

What Mentors Wish Their Mentees Knew ( – Harvard Business Review

Mid-Cycle Check-In ( – MentorcliQ (video)


Useful Forms

Mentoring Agreement Template – The Institute of Asset Management

MidCycle-CheckIn ( – MentorcliQ (template)


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