Associate - Upgrade (Tier 1)

For members in countries classed as High income in World Bank country classifications by income.

Upgrade your free account in one easy step. Simply purchase this membership, and we will complete the upgrade. What better time to join the IAM and further your asset management journey?

Our tiered pricing model offers reduced membership rates to individuals residing in countries classified as middle-income (either upper-middle or lower-middle) and low-income countries, as per the World Bank Classification. This means that professionals from different corners of the globe can now join the IAM and enjoy the benefits of membership at rates that are fair for the country in which they reside.


Tiered Pricing Categories

Tier 1: Professionals in high-income countries pay a membership fee of £140/€165/USD$200.

Tier 2: Professionals in upper-middle or lower-middle income countries pay a membership fee of £81/€96/USD$120.

Tier 3: Professionals in low-income countries pay a membership fee of £54/€64/USD$80.

Together, as an asset management community, we are making the world a better place. Become a member today!