Strategic Asset Management - The Quest for Utility Excellence

One of the first books ever written specifically on the strategic management of utility industries will be previewed in London on March 4th, at the prestigious Utility Regulation 2010 Seminar, hosted by SGBI and attended by regulators and senior figures from the water, gas and electricity industries. Entitled Strategic Asset Management: The Quest For Utility Excellence, the book is sponsored and recommended by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) as essential reading for regulatory authorities, as well directors and managers at all levels in utility companies. The book answers the key question of how utilities can select the right goals, organisational design, culture and engineering tools, which allow them to manage their complex asset bases and deliver truly excellent performance. With 37 case studies and 50 diagrams, it illustrates the snakes and ladders that leading utilities have experienced on the path to excellence. About the author Clive has lived and worked in the UK and France, studied chemistry at Cambridge University and worked in the African mining industry. On returning to Europe he joined the venture capital arena and invested in and became a Director in a range of engineering businesses. On joining the utility sector, he developed a strong desire to understand the value that utilities receive operating and investing in their regulated assets. Over the last 15 years, he has introduced several groundbreaking asset management initiatives to United Utilities businesses, in the UK and internationally. He is a council member of the Institute of Asset Management and chairman of the Energy Innovation Centre’s Investment Forum.

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